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  • Brewers logo

    Cardinals 3, Brewers 2 - 13 Innings

    ST. LOUIS, MO (WHBL) - The Milwaukee Brewers' playoff hopes took a severe blow Thursday night with a 3-2 loss at Saint Louis in 13 innings ...
  • Travis Tramte has been found guilty of providing the heroin that led to the death of Kathryn Jakimczyk in July of 2013.

    Travis Tramte found guilty in overdose death case

    SHEBOYGAN, WI (WHBL) - Travis Tramte was found guilty Thursday of reckless homicide in the heroin overdose death of Kathryn Jakimczyk.  It took a jury over ...
  • Woman arrested from mistreatment of animals

    Woman Allegedly Beheads Boyfriend's Pet Bird

    SHEBOYGAN, WI (WHBL) - A Sheboygan woman is charged with felony mistreatment of animals after she allegedly ripped the head off of her boyfriend’s pet ...
  • Cleveland woman in stable condition

    Two Injured in Intersection Collision

    SHEBOYGAN, WI (WHBL) - Two people were injured, one seriously, Wednesday afternoon in a city of Sheboygan intersection collision at South Taylor and University Drive.   Police ...
  • Schools receive state report card

    Sheboygan Schools Meet Expectations

    SHEBOYGAN, WI (WHBL) - Schools in the Sheboygan Area School District scored 68.9 on this year’s report card from the Department of Public Instruction ...

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