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  • First Lady Tonette Walker leads walkers in Deland park

    Mrs. Walker Walks

    SHEBOYGAN,WI (WHBL) - Wisconsin First Lady Tonette Walker was in Sheboygan Friday morning to do just that….walk.  Mrs. Walker greeted a group of about ...
  • Three injured when bus stops suddenly

    Driver, Two Passengers on a Bus Injured at Plymouth

    PLYMOUTH, WI (WHBL) - The driver and two passengers on a school bus headed home from a trip to Wisconsin Dells were injured Thursday night in ...
  • Kyle Hansen

    Heroin Dealer gets Ten Years

    SHEBOYGAN, WI (WHBL) - Another Sheboygan drug dealer bites the dust.  27 year old Kyle Hansen was sentenced this week in Sheboygan County Court to ten ...
  • Keep your vehicle locked

    Would Your Vehicle get a Passing Grade?

    SHEBOYGAN, WI (WHBL) - Sheboygan residents did pretty well in a recent vehicle check done by the police department. The check was done by the Sheboygan ...
  • Sheboygan cuts number of polling places

    A Heads Up for Voters

    SHEBOYGAN, WI (WHBL) - The City of Sheboygan will have fewer polling places set up for upcoming elections.  City Clerk Susan Richards said the main reason ...

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