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Clark Howard Show

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Weekdays, 11pm - Midnight
  • About the Show

    Clark Howard - America's Consumer Champion - offers sound financial advice to help families navigate through tough economic times.

    Clark Howard lives the life he tells his listeners about. His spirit, optimism, and useful advice resonates with 4.5 million radio listeners weekly on almost 250 radio stations. He learned to navigate life's rough waters and appreciate the value of money earlier than most. Clark earned a Masters degree, built a travel agency chain, sold it, and retired by the age of 31. Finding his way into the public eye came almost by accident after he was asked to be a guest on a radio show about travel. The response was so positive that he was given his own program, The Clark Howard Show. In early 2009, Clark joined CNN's HLN (formerly Headline News) with an all-new weekend program. He also appears on HLN throughout each weekday with minute-long consumer tips. Clark is also a reporter for Atlanta's WSB-TV. His most recent book is the timely Clark Smart Real Estate. Clark has published eight books in total with Get Clark Smart and Clark's Big Book of Bargains both charting on The New York Times Bestseller list. Clark is an Atlanta native who has started civic programs such as Atlanta Volunteer Action, The Big Buddy Program, and Career Action. In 1993, he opened the Consumer Action Center, an advice service for consumer questions, staffed by more than 140 volunteers. With the help of his listeners, he has built a total of 30 homes for Habitat for Humanity. He's also a member of the Georgia State Defense Force. Clark joined after the terrorist attacks of 2001 to do his part in helping to prepare and assist our military. He attends monthly training workshops around the state as part of his service, and has performed medical evacuation work in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.