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Ethanol and Greenhouse Impact - It's YOUR Business

by Mark Brown

It's YOUR Agri -Business is a Monday 10-11 show that touches lots of bases for producers, consumers, and just about everyone.

In Monday's show Michelle LaVallee, Raven along with International Marketing Director for Sioux Falls and South Dakota Rock Nelson explained the growth of Raven including a Netherlands company that was just absorbed and 56 countries that the Sioux Falls International giant serves. LaVallee talked about the GPS system and how it affects modern farming in 2014. LaVallee is the Global Director of Sales and Marketing and the podcast explains the modern usages for agriculture around the world.

Matt Merritt--Communication Director at Poet was leaving the Sioux Falls Airport for an Ethanol meeting. In the last week-- headlines and criticism about ethanol and with reduced quotas --- it was actually help the greenhouse effect. Merritt and Poet will speak with others at an ethanol summit and report back later. In the same week headline writers said that the elimination of 150 coal generated plants wouldn't affect the greenhouse effect.

Stay tuned -- next week-- Sioux Steel and their international contributions that help ag and construction around the globe.

Two upcoming conferences. South Dakota bid for and got the Red Power Expo talking a century of International Harvester usage. The event is scheduled June 26-28th at the State Fairgrounds in Huron.

Meanwhile--- in Deadwood---the Ag Summit is scheduled the same week -- with national and state leaders rallying with ag interests across South Dakota.

The Starks from Howalt McDowell and Rocky Boer -- Plains Commerce Bank updated on crop conditions --- expected impact on loans -- and the need for sufficient coverage in severe weather.

Scott Varilek--Kooima Kamingk previewed the government reports due out this week. Advana Mortgage and Todd Neuberger at Edward Jones showed the numbers of the day.

The Ag Show runs each Monday 10-11. Next Monday's show will be #700 in our Original It's YOUR Business series which includes the Agri Business Show.