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by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
My husband had a very vivid dream last night. He was talking to me and he had a hair in his mouth so he went to pull it out but it was attached to a huge hairball and he pulled it out of his throat/mouth it looked like dryer lint and then he was suddenly able to breathe more clearly.  He said when he woke up from the dream he also felt like he could breathe better. How come he could breathe better when he woke up?   - Christine, Worcester, MA

Lauri:  Does he snore a lot? Does he have sleep apnea? That could be the case. If not, then it was a physical response to his dream which may have meant that he "cleared the air" with someone recently. Hair represents what is on our mind in real life just as hair is on the head. For hubby to pull hair out of his throat suggests he forced himself to say something that has been on his mind. Whatever it is, it is something that has been building up for quite some time just as a hairball builds up inside a cat before he finally “spits it out!” Seems like your husband can finally exhale.

Christine replies:  He only snores when he has a cold and he doesn’t right now. Actually, he recently spoke up to a coworker. Someone who he's been holding back from for a while. He finally "went off" on the guy this week. Thanks for such an accurate response!

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