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Chased by Large Animals

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

For the last 6 months Ive been having dreams of dangerous animals that are larger and more aggressive than normal. We are always outside in a habitat that would seem normal for them. Everything is so detailed and realistic I don't question it and I begin to evade. I'm always in fear of my life but at the same time confident that I will find a way to escape or to kill the beast before it can kill me. I always wake up after I escape or before we make contact. Paul 31, Tampa, FL

Lauri: Being chased in a dream is a classic sign of avoidance in waking life. What issue or confrontation have you been trying to avoid for about 6 months now rather than dealing with it? The largeness of the animals suggests these are big issues. There may even be something going on that is causing you to feel small. You are in their habitat. That tells me you are living in a situation that does not feel like home to you or you are not in your comfort zone. The good news is that you are confident you are going to be able to get away from the animals before they can harm you. This is your wise dreaming mind assuring you that youll be able to get out of this current situation soon enough, so hang in there!

Paul replies: I resigned from my full time position after 7 years with my company to work part time/ freelance doing something totally different for a change of pace and schedule and now I've gone back to working part time doing the same thing I was doing before. Im also, dealing
with the pressure of possibly making some big lifestyle changes including downsizing my home possibly moving to different city so on. This makes sense.

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