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You can always say "I don't recall."

by Jerry Bader

That was the advice given to wittnesses in the Watergate hearings. Maybe more appropriate is the old Steve Martin joke on how to get out of tax evasion charges. When I asked why you've never paid your taxes, simply say "I forgot." Talk about life imitating art.. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was ridiculed for saying evil Republicans made up all the Obamacare horror stories. Now he's saying he never said it?

This borders on the bizarre. Assuming he hasn't gone off the deep end and is simply lying, toward what end? Of course he was never really called out by anybody but Republicans for claiming Mitt Romney hadn't paid taxes for ten years. Perhaps he's simply banking on the "oh that's just crazy Uncle Harry" defense. Good as any.

Photo credit: By Chuck Kennedy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons