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Wisconsin Sued over Same Sex Marriage Ban

by Jerry Bader

I'm surprised this took so long to happen. It'll be interesting to see if Democrats make this an issue in the governor's race. Frankly, it could prove a challenge for Governor Scott Walker. I know some conservatives doubt the polls, but I don't; public opinion has turned on gay marriage. I doubt the questions that passed in Wisconsin with 60 percent of the vote a little more than 7 years ago would pass today.

Further, there is an argument that opponents of gay marriage are trying to hold back the tide; with all due apologies to Victor Hugo and Everett Dirksen, the case can be made that this is an idea whose time has come. 

Sooner, rather than later, the Wisconsin ban will be overturned. Sooner, rather than later, gay marriage will be the law of the land in the United States. The fight on this is lost.