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Wisconsin Climate Change Forum Now Closed to the Public

by Jerry Bader

This is the latest from Media Trackers, which has been all over this story. Republican Assembly Environment and Forestry  Committee Chairman Jeff Mursasu of Crivitz came on my show to talk about this last week and was borderline incoherent at times as to his position on man-caused global warming and what the purpose of this forum is, which he is co-hosting with Democratic Representative Fred Clark. Now Trackers has learned that the public will not be allowed, not even the media:

Mursau told Media Trackers late Friday that the public would be banned from the event, as would members of the press. According to the state Representative, “The forum is open only to legislators and legislative staff.”

According to an e-mail sent by an industry executive in late November, some participants in the forum were expecting a possible media presence and thought that some members of the public might show up. “It is likely that some media will attend,” wrote the executive with the Wisconsin Paper Council. 

Mursau preached a lot about bipartisanship when he was on the show last week. It sounded to me as though he was doing this because Clark wanted him to. The guest list sounds like a global warming believer's who's who. Why on earth is a Republican hosting this? Why is it NOT open to the public.