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Wiener Rising

by Jerry Bader

And so is Elliot Spitzer, I just haven't come up with a clever phrase for him yet. You could dissect this to death, but near as I can tell, it's all about name recognition. Does it get anymore vacuous than that? Does that mean a candidate named Hitler would actually do well? How about Pontius Pilate? Oh, wait, most Americans don't know who he is anymore. Get beyond naughty photos and hookers and both these guys were more posturing and bluster in office than action(again, we mean action related to their elected offices).

Parting thought: Democrats likely won't warm up to Wiener before the primary, but what about after? To quote the fictionalized persona of H.L. Mencken in "Inherit the Wind," E.K. Hornbeck: "you may consider me to be rancid butter, but I'm on your slice of bread."  New Yorkers, at the moment, seem to be cornering the market on rancid butter. Apparently recognizing the name on the label is good enough for them.