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Why the Benghazi Hearings Are Likely to be a Bust

by Jerry Bader

I actually disagree with Rasmussen on his conclusion, but I get his argument. Rasmussen is right that foreign policy does tend to be low on the public agenda. And yes, the economy is still the #1 issue. But history shows foreign policy can split America; Vietnam. No Benghazi isn't Vietnam, but the public is, in fact, starting to pay attention. And you're seeing a media desperate to protect the administration on this crumble a bit around the edges.

Remember Benghazi is a two pronged story: 1) did the administration mislead the public on the cause of the attack and 2) did the administration botch the military real-time response to the attack.

Republicans seem to have developed a strategy of going after #1 first. It's clear they believe the emails they're seeking from the White House are damning, to say the least. And as the media continues to protect the Administration Republicans apparently plan to be unrelenting on this. That's not to say it will be easy. The media is painting this is an effort to discredit Hillary Clinton in advance of a possible 2016 presidential run.

Clearly, exposing a full-blown Benghazi scandal would do that. But America needs to know the truth of what happened that night and why the administration lied about the nature of the attack. And the media will be complicit with liberals in claiming "nothing to see here, move along." Republicans need to be resilient on this and keep pushing regardless of the demagoguery they. They need to push till it gives. And I leave you with this thirty second piece of Lisa Meyers from NBC news. Again, Republicans need to push till it gives.