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Why Doesn't Someone Sue President Obama Over his Lawlessness?

by Jerry Bader

Utah Senator Mike Lee answers that question at the Weekly Standard. And he's correct; it's very difficult to find a party with "standing." Simply put; who is someone with skin in the game, someone who has been injured?

Of course, the even larger elephant in the room is: are these impeachable offenses? I believe the answer is yes because these actions violate the constitution. However, nobody taken seriously on the right will propose that. But as a caller on my show said today; is Obamacare even the law that was passed in 2010 anymore? The honest answer is no. It has been unilaterally amended by the President of the United States.

Republicans don't hold both houses so any talk of impeachment is moot. And if they do in January, they will likely remember the President Clinton experience. But is it logical for Republicans to bemoan President Obama's "lawlessness" with discussing the constitutionally available remedy?