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Who Knew?

by Jerry Bader

Actually, everybody knew that Obamacare was redistriubtion. Well, by everybody, I mean Democrats who fought for Obamacare and Republicans who fought against it. The only ones who didn't seem to know are the poor fools who fell for it. As the Times piece points out, the Obama administration was convinced the percentage of those facing the consequences of this redistrubtion were small enough in number that this wouldn't be a big problem for them. Come on, what's five percent, right? That's a manageable number, right?

Well no, it wasn't. But larger than that those losing their policies due to Obamacare, whatever their number, put the lie to the Affordable Care Act. Some have to give up what they have and pay more for what they don't want so others can have insurance. And in the end, it isn't going to be a small number at all. And as the Times piece points out, liberals settled for this; they wanted a single payer system.

Remember the excuse for the failure of the stimulus to stimulate anything; it wasn't big enough. That's going to be the argument here; "see, this is exactly why we need a single payer system." This is why Republicans must be ready with an alternative.