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What Passes for Journalism in Madison

by Jerry Bader

Festival Foods is moving into the Madison market and apparently a few liberal posters to stories about it vent, because they perceive Festival ad a company that supports Scott Walker. So the Capital Times decides to make a story out of these posts. I suspect Festival, which is a fine grocery store chain, has nothing to worry about; I'm sure Madisonites will patronize them just as Wisconsinites do in all of their other markets.

Clearly the Cap Times is trying to overstate the significance of these postings, as though they some how represent a larger segment of the population than they do(by the way that goes for the pro and con comments, they're not a representative sample). Liberal wing nuts are free to shop or not shop wherever they want. And they're free to post about it. I realize it's only the Capital Times, but it's still amazing to me that they decided that journalism means writing about reader posts. (h/t Brian Sikma, Media Trackers)