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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

by Jerry Bader

My family and I spent eight days in the San Francisco Bay area (the scene above is a shot from a tiny town called Davenport along the Pacific Coast Highway). It was a fabulous vacation. We saw Wine Country, the redwoods, much of San Francisco, Santa Cruz and drove the coast for two days. But as is always the case, my mind had "show prep mode" running in the background. Some of the things that I'll address on the show in coming days:

Visiting Alcatraz the same week I learned prisons are providing computer tablets to inmates

Sticker shock from the tax that comes with every purchase in California

The self-righteous bicyclists in California

The surprise of learning the national origins of many of the visitors there

The unexpected (apparent) racism we wittnessed

Mind you, none of the above dampened our vacation. We've decided it was our best family vacation yet! If you've never walked on the Golden Gate Bridge, it should be on your bucket list, as should several things in that area. More on that on the show too. It was truly a tremendous trip, but it's great to be back!