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"Week One Success"

by Jerry Bader

Let's be honest, everybody spins to one degree or another. Answer the question: "do these jeans make me look fat" and you're either spinning or your dying. Even accepting that putting the best face on a message isn't uncommon, this effort by the Obama administration to pretend the launch of the ACA website has been anything other than an unmitigated disaster is a study in Orwellian excellence.

The White House tries to argue that the website issues are due to a traffic crush caused by the tremendous demand for the launch of the site. Well then, if you're that excited about those numbers, why don't you go ahead and show them to us. If the Obama administration kept national security secrets as well as it's keeping that number a secret, we could all sleep sounder at night.

But the headline of the news release is something truly special:

"Health Insurance Marketplace Open for Business - Week One Success."

That would be like Hitler issuing a news release that read:

"Influx of Americans on the Beaches of Normandy Creates Spike in French Tourism Numbers."