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Wearing NRA T-Shirt Could Now Land Kid in Jail.

by Jerry Bader

The unwillingness to let this go is low-grade shocking.  Do they really want to let this kid, and his attorney, have a day in court? I've said before that the mindless overreaction by the education establishment to anything related to guns is an effort to "denormalize" guns. In other words, if you're not freaked out at the very existence of firearms, then there is something wrong with you! 

There have been several of these stories lately and I haven't commented on all of them, but the theme is constant; acknowledging that firearms actually exist is as offensive, and apparently as dangerous, as waving a loaded gun around a crowded school hallway.

I was puzzled at first as to why schools weren't embarrassed by these episodes and didn't act quickly to make them go away. It's because they're not embarrassed by them. These aren't teachers or administrators, or in this case law enforcement, "going rogue." This is a product of the current educational establishment paradigm; zero tolerance means they won't tolerate being reminded guns exist.