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Walker Nukes Bail Bondsmen, Saves Center for Investigative Journalism

by Jerry Bader

He also vetoed a provision concerning school vouchers that doesn't have a major impact on the statewide program. I'm somewhat indifferent about the bail bondsmen veto; I didn't have strong feelings either way. I was pretty sure Walker was going to veto the WCIJ provision. As for Walker's argument that the Board of Regents should be the body that deals with the policy of who gets freebies on campus he may or may not be aware of the can of worms he opened. Media Trackers, the MacIver Institute and any other conservative outlet you can think of should be headed to Madison with its hand fully extended, looking for their rent free, utilities free and internet free facilities on the UW campus.

Some feel that Walker bowed to the Madison well-connected in deciding to veto this provision. Maybe. But I suspect this part of Walker's preexisting effort to bend over backwards not to appear that he's doing anything to stifle free speech. I disagree with this veto, even though I saw it coming.