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UW vs. LSU at Lambeau Close to Reality

by Jerry Bader

What a blast this will be! It had sounded as though LSU wasn't very interested in this. Apparently that perception was false. A Packers game at Lambeau is already the closest thing to the college game day experience in the NFL. I love the idea that Lambeau will be used for these types of games. I'm going to try to get tickets but I have a feeling it's going to be a tough score. Some people will go just for an opportunity to see a game at Lambeau.

I'd still love to see the Big Ten Championship game in Green Bay. I know the Packers' Mark Murphy loves the idea, but the Big Ten seems to love Indy. That first Big Ten Championship game between UW and MSU will always chap me. Imagine a game like that played in the November cold of Lambeau Field.