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Unhinged Libs: Conservatism Killed Detroit

by Jerry Bader

Two lines spring to mind. The first is Jefferson Airplane's "when the truth turns out, to be lies." The second is from Forrest Gump, Bubba's mother to Forrest: "Are you crazy, or just stupid." and Ed Schultz's moronic sputtering here is a follow-up to the absolutely illogical ranting of Melissa Harris Perry of the same network. The big three automakers didn't fail because of conservative policies. They failed because of obscene wages unions extorted from them and made junk in the 70's and early 80's. Neither works well in a global market place.

Hot Air asks a great question: do these two dullards actually not know that Detroit is a liberal utopia, or are they just lying. One more exit question. Harris-Perry is an utter moron but she's good looking and has a smooth delivery. So what's their excuse for keeping Ed around????