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Ulterior Motive

by Jerry Bader

A defense attorney, Cole White, has posted on Facebook a video of his client being taken into custody  by Green Bay police. Many viewing the video will jump to the conclusion that this force was excessive, which, of course, is exactly why the lawyer posted it. He also gave the Press Gazette a lame explanation of why he didn't contact the media with what he considers a case of police brutality. White has filed no complaint concerning police behavior in this case. I'm guessing he won't.

Is it possible this force is excessive? Yes. My initial leaning is that it isn't. And yes, I always give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt, but White's behavior here is actually a bigger factor here for me. It's entirely possible he saw this as a way to bring police under a cloud of suspicion in an effort to get the charges against his client dropped.

I'm not an expert but I have reported and talked about this issue enough, and talked with enough law enforcement officers to believe that what's on the video does comply with officer training. And I suspect White knows that too and knows that the public won't be aware of that.One other thing to consider; those offers likely were aware they were being recorded by a dash cam. It appears to me that they are behaving in a way consistent with standard procedure.