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This Doesn't Sound Like a Joke Anymore

by Jerry Bader

Awhile back a listener told me that the feud between Greg Jennings and his former Packer's teammates was all in fun. If that was the case then, it sure doesn't appear to be now. Mike McCarthy joked that something happens when you put on that purple. Coach may have been joking, but there's a ring of truth to that and I'm guessing that's because the Viking's franchise encourages it. When you think about it, there roster of former Packers stars is growing: Ryan Longwell, Darren Sharper, Brett Favre, Jennings and Desmond Bishop among them.

I encourage this talk from across the border and the response from the Packers should come on the field. I once worked with a guy at one of our country stations who taunted the competing country station. Management stopped it by saying; don't taunt them, beat them! Good advice.