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The Whiff of Politicrap

by Jerry Bader

You didn't have to be psychic to know when Politifact was announced that it would heavily favor liberals. And this is just the latest examination to validate that belief. As with all liberal media bias, the stage craft here is in what they do and don't examine. As an absurd example to prove the point; if a liberal says the sky is blue and they fact check that, it's probably going to get a true rating. On the other hand, refutation of conservative statements are often opinion laden.

Real life example; let's seem them fact check conservative claims that President Obama has issued a non-denial denial in the IRS scandal. He answered a question that wasn't asked. Classic non-denial denial. Why doesn't Politifact check that? Because they wouldn't like the answer, or to twist it to defend President Obama would be such a convoluted mess they couldn't figure out a way to do it and continue with their charade of impartiality.

All these fact check efforts really are, at their heart, is a cover for people who are supposed to be objective journalists to do what I and others in conservative talk radio do. Opine on what leaders say. The difference is they pretend to be making an opinion-neutral observation. We wear our ideology on our sleeve and don't hide behind anything.