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The Records Keep Falling

by Jerry Bader

Just in case you didn't realize how brutal this winter was, Fox 11 meteorologist in Green Bay, Pete Petoniak quantifies it for you. Let's chronicle the records (and expected records):

Days below zero, 54, shattering the old record

Days below -10(if today does indeed end up being a record) 26

Our average daily temperature for this winter is among the coldest ever.

What's the only thing that makes this winter worse that it already is (or needs to be)? Mind numbed liberal automatons who insist this record cold winter is due to global warming. Of course they no longer call it global warming; now it's climate change. That way any extreme weather event can be blamed on man.

The more obvious explanation, of course, is that with the easing of global warming, whatever caused it, we're seeing winters more of the variety I experienced growing up in Wisconsin. And what frustrate's further these lemmings don't know the first thing about the science of global warming and then call us the flat earthers.