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The Real Damage the Packers Created with the Aaron Rodgers Injury

by Jerry Bader

Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal becomes the latest member of the Wisconsin sports media to throw a temper tantrum  over the Packers handling of information, or lack of it, concerning Aaron Rodgers' cracked collarbone. Let me be clear; the Packers have made mistakes. The cat and mouse game between Rodgers and coach Mike McCarthy earned the scorn it reaped, where Rodgers says go ask Mike, and McCarthy says go ask Aaron. And they did create some of the environment Oates described. But Oates creates an impression of permanently damaged relationships between Rodgers, McCarthy and Ted Thompson without one scintilla of evidence.

But to suggest this affair comes even close to being the Favre PR disaster is laughable (and I still feel Favre was the bigger culprit there, although again the Packers mishandled that as well).

Oates laughably says that his scenario of permanent relationship damage between the Rodgers/McCarthy/Thompson triumvirate may all just be speculation. Unless he's  been told more off the record than he can let on, it is entirely speculation. And unless it's one of those three who told him, it's still speculation. What do you suppose the odds are one of those three told him anything?

And then Oates says he's not saying McCarthy was the source of a Chris Mortensen leak. How many people thought Rodgers was calling McCarthy a coward until Oates raised the possibility? Here Tom, here's how it feels; I'm not saying Tom Oates is making all of this up out of complete frustration for not getting more information on the record, I'm just saying it's possible. But I'mt not saying that's what happened though. But if might have, But I'm not saying that. See Tom how irresponsible it is to raise the possibility and say you're not saying that? See what I did there?

The real damage the Packers have created is with the media who covers them on a regular basis. And the reality is, they'll live with that. And they don't care whether Oates or the other members of the Packers media care. Right or wrong, that's the way it is. And I'm not even saying those who cover the Packers aren't right in some of this criticism. But to speculate without substantiation that the three people currently most important to the on the field success of the Packers are at odds with each other is an irresponsible way to criticize the Packers organization.