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The Onion Crosses the line

by Jerry Bader

Two posts about offensive 9/11 material in one day. First the golf course in Verona and now this. I love the Onion and yes, the push the envelope with everything they do. But I won't be ready in my lifetime to apply humor to September 11, 2001. Several posters to this piece argue that Americans only take offense because 9/11 happened here. Really? As if I would be less offended if this was about Madrid or London?

There are two elements at play here. First, there aren't many lines left, but making fun of mass murder, thankfully, is still one of them. Second, even if the first line didn't exist, 9/11 is too fresh. It'll never be okay in my mind to joke about it, but if there is a day, it's far far away. At some point people decided they could joke: "other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play." Try that with the Kennedy assassination. And that's fifty years ago. Yet, millions of people are still alive today who remember where they were on November 22nd, 1963, so it's offensive to many to joke about it. That includes me.

When Rowan and Martin Laugh-In was cancelled in 1973, Dan Rowan remarked: "it's hard to be irreverent when there is nothing left to revere." We still revere those who lost there lives on 9/11.