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The Left's War on Women

by Jerry Bader

Granted, Ms. Abedin and Mrs. Spitzer subjected themselves to this abuse, but Bloom is right; it's abuse nonetheless.   Support any limits on abortion and you hate women. Publicly humiliate your wife with your personal behavior and you still get to call yourself a feminist. It's true that Wiener has finally tested the limits of the media's patience. But there were still many who were applauding Abedin for "standing by her man."  What the hell for? He's humiliated her. He's degraded her. Has she not a shred of self-respect left? She's an enabler. Some women rationalize away abuse; "I deserved it," "he doesn't mean to" and so on. Abedin actively promotes it by standing by him while he lies through his teeth about this latest episode. 

And if she hasn't figured it out, that means she's lying about it too. But Spitzer and Wiener have perpetrated a real war on the women in their lives. They have disrespected them to a degree that should make liberals nauseous, if they had an intellectually honest bone in their body. Which, they don't.