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Shades of 2011

by Jerry Bader

Protesters tried to storm the State Senate floor  yesterday during budget debate. While relatively small it had the aggression that marked the protests of Act 10 in 2011. What's interesting is these radicals were upset about a provision requiring ultrasound tests before an abortion in Wisconsin. It's interesting how freaked out this bill has abortion advocates. Likening it to rape is insane. As I've mentioned previously, at least one Planned Parenthood clinic routinely does two ultrasounds before performing an abortion. 

It makes sense that abortion providers would perform ultrasounds to get a sense of that with which they're dealing. The pro-abortion camp isn't freaked out because this is tantamount to rape. TI believe they're freaked out that women may actually, having been informed by a visual representation of what's really inside her, choose not to have an abortion. In fact, the entire issue bursts their "out of sight, out of mind" bubble in which they live. Don't remind them that it's not really a clump of tissue, that's how they sleep at night.