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Scott Walker's Very Good Week

by Jerry Bader

I recently wrote about a very good week Mary Burke had a couple of weeks ago. The good news is Scott Walker's week is off to a great start. The better news is it's only Monday. Last week I criticized Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel columnist Dan Bice and the AP for suspecting that six people in a Walker ad who celebrate the jobs they've gotten while Walker was in office didn't really get jobs. They then criticized Walker for not releasing their identities. I urged the media to go do that work themselves.

Bice did and discovered all six are what they claimed to be. Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate refuses, of course, to apologize for calling the people phonies. But that doesn't make him look like any less of an ass. And then the Republican Party of Wisconsin releases this ad, showing the disconnect between Burke's claims and economic reality. A very good start to the week: