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Sabato: Walker 2016 Frontrunner

by Jerry Bader

You could argue, to some degree, this is by default. The other "big names" going into this election, Rubio, Ryan and Jindal have seen the bloom come off the rose. Interesting that Walker and Christie are near the top. They're friends and Christie campaigned for Walker during his recall.

Walker still has some of the best conservative chops among the field, Christie doesn't. You wonder if the 1 & 2 where they sit now could stay that way going into fall of 2016? I'm not saying I'm a fan of that idea. Besides questions about Christie's conservative bona fides, his 2012 convention speech was a disaster. 

Who EVER would have thought this? Right now Scott Walker is at the top of a lukewarm field? Who ever would have thought the 2016 GOP field would look lukewarm?????