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Revamped Fox News Channel Prime Time Lineup Announced

by Jerry Bader

Sean Hannity also unveiled this on his radio show today. I was among those who believed Hannity would get the 6pm Central slot. Clearly Fox considers 8pm top prime time real estate and it feels Megyn Kelly is a budding superstar. Hannity moving to 9 Central rather than the earlier slot indicates that Fox still sees him as a major draw, but not the top draw.

Hannity painted the change on his show today as something he desires, as it works better for his home life. I'm sure that's true. But  as Fox News' demographics crept out of the coveted 25-54 cell, to the high side, it's clear Kelly is seen as a youth movement vs. Hannity. Fox has the pleasant problem of having such a full stable that it's a challenge to figure out where to put so much talent. A pleasant problem, indeed.

Hannity also announced what has been known in the radio industry for days, that he has re-signed with Premiere Radio Networks to continue his radio show. As was previously reported, Hannity has parted ways with Cumulus, which means he needs to find radio homes in nearly 40 markets, including several top ten markets. Certainly his show will find homes in those markets, but the Rush/Sean combo will be broken up in several of them.