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"Republican Smear"

by Jerry Bader

A listener is subscribed the DCCC fundraising letters. I should too, to keep tabs on them. Okay, this is pretty vague, but the message appears to be that Obamacare's problems are the result of a "Republican smear campaign." Exactly what "truth" about Obamacare is that they so desperately need to get out? What record is there to set straight? Of course it doesn't matter because this is just scare tactics to raise money:

Bad news:

The latest Republican assault on Obamacare has proven to be dangerously effective. Just this morning, CNN released a poll showing Republicans gaining a serious bump in approval with their sabotage playbook. If we don't respond to Republican smears with the facts right now, the damage to Obamacare AND our chances in 2014 could be irreversible.

We simply can't allow these attacks to go unanswered. We have got to fill this $371,000 hole in our Obamacare Rapid Response Fund by our big FEC fundraising deadline.

Suggested Support: $3.00

Stand with President Obama: Chip in $3 or more to fight back against the coordinated Republican assault >> 


DCCC Rapid Response 

Of course, nothing Republicans have done has anything to do with Democrats plunging poll numbers. The public is onto Debaclecare.  And this is a debacle of their own making. Of course, that doesn't fill the fundraising coffers, now does it?