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Report: Wendy Davis to Run for TX Governor

by Jerry Bader

I happen to think this is great news, and beyond Texas. I'm guessing she wants to nationalize the Governor's race because she thinks nationalizing the Texas abortion debate will help Democrats nationally in 2014. Apparently she's never heard herself try to explain how killing a baby on a table at 23 weeks development is different from killing a baby in utero at the same age. Late term abortions are a loser for Democrats, I'm convinced of it. If Republicans do this right, having her in the national limelight for more than a few softball Sunday morning show interviews will be a winner.

But the key to doing it right is to focus in on the 20 week, late term abortion debate and don't let her go anywhere else on the abortion issue. She has sounded like a blithering idiot on the issue so far and making her the national Democratic face of the 2014 mid-terms could be big, again, if Republicans do it right.