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Remain Calm, All is Well!

by Jerry Bader

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich is attempting to quell the criticism of the Affordable Care Act, by essentially saying, "chill dude, it'll get better." Sophmoric on my part, admittedly, but it matches Reich's defense in intellectual heft. Reich points to other entitlement roll outs that were far from trouble free. The problem with this defense is that it's dishonest, intentionally or not. Obamacare's problem's aren't logistical, they are systemic.

He lists several criticisms of the law, some from the left and then says, some fixes will be needed. But it's hard to fix flaws that aren't really flaws at all, but rather are the economic underpinnings of the ACA. People are losing insurance because they are supposed to under the law. Some people are paying a lot more for coverage because they're supposed to under the law.

Reich still seems to be proffering the "it's just a broken website defense." A 90's era website is the least of Obamacare's defender's problems. These aren't "fixes" that need to be made. The true nature of the law is what has been exposed. And Reich still thinks the laws "naysayers" and not an irretrievably broken law itself is to blame for Obamacare approval ratings in a free fall, with President Obama's own popularity tethered to those numbers.

Reich seems to be arguing "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater." Reich and others don't seem to notice that the baby has already drowned in that bathwater.