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PAC-12 Reprimands Refs in UW vs. ASU Game

by Jerry Bader

I've told the story on the air before how my dad would think every blown officiating call was proof positive that the officials were trying to throw the game in favor of whatever team was playing the Packers. I'm not alleging that here. But this is one of two officiating debacles  that might actually make you suspect (any guesses as to what the other one is? Wisconsin teams can't cut a break).

I didn't see this live but in watching the video Sunday morning, I wondered if Stave had touched his knee to the turf. Given that the play was whistled dead, that's irrelevant. The refs knew they had blown the whistle, why did they allow the defensive player to stay on the ball for approximately six seconds without flagging him for delay of game? I didn't see the second half, but from what I'm told it was an excellent game. It is officially tainted with the PAC-12 conference acknowledging the crew failed here.

It'll be interesting to see what other "sanctions" will be imposed on the officials.