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"Neutralize Obamacare"

by Jerry Bader

You can forget the whistling past the graveyard, Democrats know how toxic Obamacare is to them and they need to do something, anything to divert attention from it between now and 2016.As Politico reports, that means anything.Democrats have already tried to change the subject, income inequality, gay marriage, and others. It appears that even at this early date they've been frustrated into a smear campaign. According to Politico, the plan includes claiming that Republicans would let insurance companies deny coverage to female victims of domestic violence, allow the costs of prescription drugs to rise for seniors or deny coverage for contraception.

Deny coverage to domestic violence victims? Republicans need to be prepared. And the Democratic strategy of "fix not scrap" and claiming what Republicans will do on the issue WILL stick if Republicans don't get around and strongly promote a plan.  A very good one was unveiled last month  to a nearly universal yawn.

It's February. "Lawless" and "Obamacare sucks" won't get them to November. Democrats will fight back. Republicans need to go on the offensive.