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Madison Mayor Says Shutdown Worse than Vietnam Era Bombers

by Jerry Bader

Former underground terrorist Bill Ayers was treated as the left wing hero that he is in an appearance in Madison this week. Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, himself a former 60's revolutionary, now an addle-minded aging hippie, introduced Ayers and in so doing proclaimed radicals such as Ayers (and himself) weren't capable of doing the damage of the recently concluded shutdown, which of course he considers a terrorist act by the Tea Party.

In the wake of the intra-party squabbling on the Right, the Left is claiming this whole episode shows the Republican party is being hijacked by radicals. This proclamation by Soglin shows where the real political radicalism resides; on the left. Ayers also seems to at least partially admit that the 2011 occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol was nostalgia driven. Aging hippies getting to protest "da man" one more time.