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Little New On Finley's Status After McCarthy Press Conference

by Jerry Bader

I'm guessing that's because little is known at this point. But I wouldn't expect to see Jermichael Finley on a football field anytime soon. I also agree with McCarthy that there wasn't much either player could do to avoid the injury. As the NFL tries to make the game safer, it seems there are more serious injuries than ever this year. This feels like one of the worst injury years ever for the Packers, which is saying a lot when you consider the past few years. But in watching around the NFL, it seems epidemic. I hold my breath on almost every down.

Football players continue to be faster and stronger. The bottom line is that means they'll continue to be able to mete out more punishment than they can take themselves. But I think there's something else. I think the paralysis by analysis that a lot of players are feeling, fearing they'll get flagged for what a few years ago was an innocuous hit, is itself leading to additional injuries. I can't prove that theory, but the injuries sure seem to be piling up this season. Bo