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Let's See, With 30 Million People, That's Just $22.00 a Piece!

by Jerry Bader

Via Hot Air. There's an awful lot funny about this, but what amuses me is how the left sees liberal bias as synonymous with "real journalism." Notice the famous libs that are mentioned here that could "chip in more than $22.00." I know they think it's possible to do this without admitting they're trying to protect liberal bias, but it isn't. All conservatives have in the media (not including the blogosphere) is talk radio and Fox News. And look how that galls them.

They tried desperately to counter conservative talk radio with liberal talk radio. Talk radio is one sliver of the entire media landscape but it's dominated by talk radio and they can't stand it. Fox News breaks stories the media ignores so they can't stand it. But they still dominate TV network news. But the Koch brothers owning Tribune is more than they can stomach. Note that she actually calls them evil. Having a small piece of the media is one thing, but gobbling up a liberal pay they now have is more than they can stand. And no, this can't work