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JS Love Letter to the DPW Chairmen

by Jerry Bader

Wow, you gotta wonder if Mike Tate and Bill Glauber shared a cigarette after this.  The JS newsroom recently ended any pretense that it isn't filled with libs (intentionally or not). But even knowing that, this piece is incredible. Tate is a wingnut and is down with every moonbat thing Graeme Zielinski ever said on the behalf of the DPW. Perhaps the JS is concerned that there might actually be a few dems who don't want to see Tate stay on as chairman. But calling Tate's record "mixed" is a joke.

He came on board in 2009. Democrats were drubbed in fall 2010. The recalls, which Tate wholeheartedly supported, were an unmitigated disaster. The fall 2012 democratic successes were the one bright spot for dems under Tate's tenure and had everything to do with a national wave and nothing to do with him.

Further, it's laughable for Tate to say he looks forward to beating Scott Walker next year. I'm told it's certain Russ Feingold isn't running and I'm also told Ron Kind doesn't want to. It's doubtful Kind can do little more than run competitively with Walker,  but probably would be enough to bring in some national money. But word is Kind, while being pressured, really isn't all that interested. But reality seems to have very little to do with this fawning piece of drivel. To quote Joe Petroni from "Airport:" "hold the whipped cream I already had dessert."