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Journal Broadcast Seeks State Help in Standoff

by Jerry Bader

I might be reading too much into this, but I see this as a sign this isn't ending anytime soon. As I've said and written previously, I believe TWC is far more interested in its standoff with CBS. Time Warner is losing subscribers over this, but that's a much slower process than the ad revenue loss this standoff likely is costing Journal Broadcasting. TWC believes it can win a war of attrition. I do see both sides here but...

I believe TWC's representation of Journal as the one withholding its product is simply false. They took NBC 26 in Green Bay and Today's TMJ4 in Milwaukee of their cable system, not the other way around. That decision might be justifiable but it's still their decision. They could have left those stations on their system, but they didn't. If Journal had been asking for a 1,000% increase (they weren't) that would be unreasonable but it will still have been TWC's decision to remove them.

In the end, both sides may be trying to cling to a way of life that is simply passing. In as few as five years the way we watch what we use to call television may change so much as to make this entire dispute a relic of the past.