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It's Hiding in the Ocean

by Jerry Bader

If you've ever seen "Terminator" (the first one, and who hasn't?) there is a scene where John Connors is telling a psychologist he's from the future. The psychologist describes to police how perfect the fantasy is; that every possible hole that could be poked in the story is closed. That's because the story is fiction and movie writer's closed the holes. This piece reminded me of that scene, a LOT.

If carbon dioxide is causing global warming and we're pumping it into the atmosphere in unprecedented  volume, there is no rational explanation for warming leveling off. So, we get this:

The slowdown is a bit of a mystery to climate scientists. True, the basic theory that predicts a warming of the planet in response to human emissions does not suggest that warming should be smooth and continuous. To the contrary, in a climate system still dominated by natural variability, there is every reason to think the warming will proceed in fits and starts. 

Ah, so man-emitted carbon dioxide is powerful enough to heat the planet but not powerful enough to stop the ebb and flow of "a climate system still dominated by natural variability." Just like John Connors explaining why he had to travel to the past naked. Makes perfect sense.

Or, my favorite part:

So the real question is where all that heat is going, if not to warm the surface. And a prime suspect is the deep ocean. Our measurements there are not good enough to confirm it absolutely, but a growing body of research suggests this may be an important part of the answer.

Exactly why the ocean would have started to draw down extra heat in recent years is a mystery, and one we badly need to understand. But the main ideas have to do with possible shifts in winds and currents that are causing surface heat to be pulled down faster than before.

The deep-ocean theory is one of a half-dozen explanations that have been proffered for the warming plateau. Perhaps the answer will turn out to be some mix of all of them. And in any event, computer forecasts of climate change suggest that pauses in warming lasting a couple of decades should not surprise us. 

We don't know why the excess heat is going to the oceans, and can't really prove that it is. And maybe it's a half-dozen other reasons. But trust us the planet is still warming. Closing thought: the author of this piece shows his scientific cluelessness when he says there is a century's worth of evidence to prove man-caused global warming. All temperature data proves is there has been warming. It doesn't prove cause. And I'll bet if you asked the author HOW carbon dioxide heats the planet, he'd look like the proverbial deer in the headlights.