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It Begins

by Jerry Bader

It's no secret the conservative base in the 8th congressional district is upset with Republican Reid Ribble's vote for this week's compromise that re-opened government and raised the debt ceiling. Many of them let their feelings be known on my show Thursday. It now appears there is early fishing around for a possible candidate to run to the right of Ribble. Former State Senate candidate John Macco, who lost last fall to Democratic Senator Dave Hansen,  tells me that a "national group whose name you would know" reached out to him following the vote, seeing if Macco was interested in challenging Ribble in a 2014 primary. Macco wouldn't say who the group is, but told me that Ribble has his full support and that he would not consider challenging him in a primary.

Whoever the group is they probably won't be the only one to start probing potential primary candidates. I can think of several groups who would want to swoop into the 8th and find a candidate to run to Ribble's right. My caution to conservative voters in the 8th is what it's been for weeks: choose wisely. The easiest thing in the world is to find someone who agrees with everything you say(I'm not speaking of Macco here). The key is, if you're going to mount a challenge to any sitting Republican, is to find a well rounded, eminently qualified, electable candidate who has the Tea Party conservative bona fides. Choose wisely.