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IRS Officials in Washington Knew Conservatives Groups Were Being Targeted

by Jerry Bader

The brazen denial of reality by the officials involved in the IRS and Benghazi scandals is simply breathtaking. President Obama today doubled down on the fantasy that the administration recognized Benghazi as a terror attack from the start. Everyone was dubious when the IRS claimed some low grade employees in Cincy were responsible for targeting conservative groups. We now know what we believed all weekend; that story was crap.

As I said earlier today, the MSM may be loyal liberal foot soldiers, but nobody likes to look stupid. And they're looking mighty stupid for protecting the Obama administration. They are a long way from smelling blood in the water(they'd be in full frenzy were this a Republican administration) but clearly the MSM is finally starting to ask questions and greet answers with skepticism. I've learned not to get too excited, but the coming weeks could be interesting.