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If You Send Your Kid to a Private School, You are a Bad Person

by Jerry Bader

Via Hot Air. I examined this several times to see whether it was somehow labeled as satire. But she appears to be serious. It's hard to divine a serious, coherent argument out of this, but I'll try. She seems to be saying that it's irresponsible to give up on bad public schools. Instead, you need to sacrifice your children for the greater good. Keep your kids in rotten schools and your desire for better schools will, eventually, improve public schools.

Hot Air and others have pointed out the idiocy in this argument, but I'll take my own shot at it. So, Benedikt recognizes that public schools are often lousy but parents should send their children their anyway. If she recognizes the problem with public schools, why in the hell does she think saving them is so important? You know I'm still not sure this isn't satire. And read the part where she argues that she got a lousy public education but still turned out just fine. It's to die for. She just wrote one of the most intellectually bankrupt pieces I've ever seen and she believes she turned out just fine? 

Are we sure this isn't satire?