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I Stand Corrected

by Jerry Bader

I predicted on the air this week that Politifact Wisconsin would fine a way not to give gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke a "Pants on Fire" rating for her outrageously false claim in a campaign ad that unemployment has risen under Scott Walker. I was wrong. Not only did they giver her the "Pants" rating, the piece is fairly scathing.

Greg Borowski of Politifact felt I was unfair to them when trashing them for calling Governor Scott Walker's claim of being in a State Patrol car rocked by protesters as false, when they wouldn't rate a claim that Burke dramatically grew sales at the division of Trek Bike she oversaw for three years. I stand by my writing on that issue.

But I'll give credit where credit is due. They got this one right. Of course, it's so over the top false it would have been nearly impossible for them to fudge on this one, but I predicted they would. So, credit where credit is due. For those