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Here it Comes...

by Jerry Bader

My strategy for getting rid of Obamacare has been to let it collapse. Conservative listeners to my show have warned against this, that collapse of the Affordable Care Act was built into it so the left could argue that what is needed is a Candian-style single payer government system. I've never denied this. In fact, it is why, as Obamacare is collapsing, Republicans need to offer a viable alternative beyond the old system. Well, here it comes. Long irrelevant consumer advocate Ralph Nader is making the case the Canada's single payer system is vastly superior to Obamacare.

He points out Obamacare's many failings and how they don't exist in the Canadian system. A reccurent theme is that America's system continues to be for-profit, which he sees as its major failing. Without taking the time to address each one, allow me to respond broadly.

Canada and other countries benefit from the medical advances that come from a for-profit health care industry. The incentive to innovate comes from profit. Not all medical advances are innovated in America, but all are innovated with an eye toward profit. But his biggie is #1: that a majority of Canadians love their health care system. An Ipsos poll from earlier this year shows something a bit different; 52 percent of Canadians disagree that ‘the healthcare system they experience is efficient in a way that maximizes the use of dollars allocated or paid for healthcare in ways that don’t waste money or resources.

Meanwhile, a poll out this week shows about 70% of Americans are happy with their health care; and that's the pre-Obamacare health care they're referring to. Make no mistake, as this thing collapses the liberal battle cry will be single-payer. Conservatives need to be ready.