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Hatin' on Leroy

by Jerry Bader

Former Green Bay Packers star LeRoy Butler says he receives up to 15 hate emails a day, still, nearly a month and a half after he tweeted support for NBA player Jason Collins' decision to come out publicly as gay. Butler claims a church where he was scheduled to speak cancelled the event after Butler's congratulatory tweet.

As one who has received a lot of hate mail over the years, it is surprising to me that Butler is still receiving the volume he claims to  be getting at this point. And for those of you uncomfortable with my use of the word "claims" twice with Butler, it doesn't mean I'm doubting him. But we don't know factually that any church uninvited him and we haven't seen the emails. So, it's what Butler claims.

And for the record, I generally hold Butler's libertarian stance on the gay lifestyle; while I oppose gay marriage I don't care what consenting adults do behind closed doors. And Butler is right; there are people who hate gays. I've dealt with them.But here's something to consider. Butler has received a lot of credit for "taking the high road" and not naming the church that uninvited him. Wouldn't the high road have been to say nothing at all? Instead he announces the move that he claims an unknown church made and becomes a hero for it with the MSM. 

He says he didn't want the church to encounter the hatred he did. Well, firstly, he's admitting that the church would face hatred from those who support his position. Secondly, the best way to assure that never happens is to keep this entire episode to yourself. If you're not going to name the church, what was the real motive in going public at all?