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Glenn Grothman "Thinking About" Run For Congress

by Jerry Bader

When his name was brought up recently as a potential primary challenger to 6th District Republican Congressman Tom Petri, State Senator Glenn Grothman strongly denied he was mulling a run. That apparently has changed. I received an email Sunday that Grothmanwas telling people at the Wisconsin Conservative Action Conference Saturday that he is likely to run for Congress. I asked Grothman via text message last night if this was true. His response: "thinking about it."

State Representative Duey Stroebel is seriously considering a primary challenge to Petri and said he'll announce a decision on April 7. Perhaps Grothman has decided that he may as well get in the game if Petri is going to be challenged. You can argue that Grothman would provide a more formidable a challenge to Petri than Stroebel. Grothman is a high profile senator who is much better known throughout the 6th CD than is Stroebel. That includes Grothman's conservative bona fides. And as Stroebel is presented as someone who wouldn't go along to get along, Grothman has well established that persona in Madison.

Perhaps more importantly, Grothman has a giant-killing election on his resume. Nobody gave him a chance when, as a state representative, he crushed then Senate Majority Leader Mary Panzer, 79% to 21%, in a primary race for the senate seat he now holds. As I've written previously, Petri will be a difficult out. But Stroebel and Grothman would pose two very serious threats to Petri.