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"Friendly Fire"

by Jerry Bader

Actually, it didn't feel all that friendly to Senator Ron Johnson. He spent an hour on my show today, in studio, and took calls for about half of it. Before we opened phones, Johnson explained why he doesn't support a government shutdown in an attempt to defund Obamacare. He doesn't believe it will work and he made his case with the information linked here. Johnson says a shutdown won't defund Obamacare. But the natives were restless.

One caller told Johnson he believes Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who supports a shutdown to defund, and doesn't believe Johnson. Both Johnson and callers were clearly frustrated. Johnson said repeatedly that it would be suicide for conservative voters to turn on someone they agree with 80, 85 or 90% of the time. Johnson argues for delay. I get what he's saying on defunding, but I'm not sure he's convincing when he says delay is the answer.

I'm in the "let it train wreck" camp. A majority of America re-elected President Obama, let them see what Obamacare will do. Several callers and emailers told Johnson they wouldn't vote for him in 2016 if he didn't get on board the defund train. Well, their option might very well be Russ Feingold again. Consider that.