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"Fire Holder"

by Jerry Bader

And this is friendly fire.  Of course, some of his Holder angst is about the continuation of Bush era anti-terror policies. But overall, this is the kind of piece we need to see more of: a liberal saying that these scandals are real. It's also possible that Turley sees throwing Holder overboard as a way to protect President Obama. But the reality is Holder should be the immediate target of investigations because he seems to be the common denominator.

Overall the MSM is being dragged reluctantly to the Obama scandal party. The AP/Rosen scandal is front burner for them, obviously. But even at that you would think they'd be more aggressive with the administration than they have been. After all, it came after them this time. And some of them seem to realize that the IRS scandal is still growing and most of them have forgotten about Benghazi.

The House still needs to do the heavy lifting on exposing these scandals. One can hope, however, that the media will continue to come along for the ride.